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Mobile Houses

:Gal Marine Ltd manufactures and sells mobile houses made of containers for various uses such as

Offices: including toilet and kitchenette for construction sites, factories or any other business.
Accommodation: temporary or permanent, including bedroom, living room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen.
.Special purpose structures: for the army or security forces, control rooms, electric rooms, workshops, computer rooms, archives and more
:A mobile house made of container is

A heavy duty mobile structure.
 A cheap mobile structure.
 A structure that can be designed exactly according to customer needs.
 A quick supply structure - between one to two weeks.
 A long life structure - with a proper maintenanceit can last for many years.
 A structure that can be designed like a Lego, it can grow horizontally and vertically.

."The company has a certification for ISO 9001 quality management from "The Standards Institution of Israel

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